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    Want to Develop your Software project but don't have the technical skills needed to do it

    Having helped many through software development challenges, I understand the frustration of lacking time and technical skills to bring a project to life.​

    Almost 80% of Software development projects have poor quality or are over budget

    This is what Happens in the Majority of the projects:

    Our 4 Step Aproach to a sucessful project

    1# - The RAD Document
    Requirements and Analysis
    We start by gathering and documenting all requirements from you, even if you're unsure we guide you through it.

    We Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the application's purpose, features, and functionalities.

    We also establish measurable objectives and success criteria to guide the development process and evaluate the final product.
    1# - The RAD Document
    #2 The PSR
    Project Status Report
    One of our main communication tools is the Project Status Report that is issued at least on a weekly basis, documenting and detailing all developments on your project.

    This ensures that you are always informed about the project's progress.
    #2 The PSR
    #3 - The ScrumBan Development
    Agile Development Methodology with a Multidisciplinary Team
    We Implement an agile development approach known as ScrumBan, which allows for iterative development and continuous feedback. This helps in addressing issues promptly and adapting to changing requirements.

    A multidisciplinary team that includes business analysts, project managers, architects, developers, designers, testers and devops to ensure diverse perspectives and expertise are incorporated throughout the development process.

    However they're only used when needed so your project is as cost efective as possible.
    #3 - The ScrumBan Development
    #4 - The Founders Commitment
    Rigorous Testing and Smooth Deployment
    One of TechRivo Founders is directly responsible for overseeing the testing throughout the development lifecycle to identify and resolve defects early.

    It's his responsability to prepare the application for a seamless production release, ensuring the deployment process is smooth and minimizes potential disruptions or issues.

    This commitment means we have skin in the game regarding the success of your project.
    #4 - The Founders Commitment

    Have questions ? Here are the most frequent ones:

    Costs can vary widely based on the project’s complexity and scope. Expect to receive a detailed proposal outlining the costs. Payment structures typically include milestones or phases, with payments made upon completion of specific deliverables.

    You have access to real-time data about your project through our Project Management Platform. At least on a weekly basis, a Project Status Report is issued, detailing progress and achieved milestones. Additionally, we set up other communication channels for ongoing updates.

    Our Scrumban development approach allows for the inclusion of change requests during the development phase. These changes are carefully evaluated and agreed upon with you for incorporation into the project.

    Timelines vary based on the project’s scope and complexity. Small projects might take a few weeks to a couple of months, while larger projects can take a year or more. We provide a project plan and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with detailed work and estimated timelines for each phase.

    Quality assurance is integrated throughout the development process. We use automated testing tools and perform regression testing at each milestone to ensure new changes haven’t affected previously validated work. A dedicated QA professional ensures high standards, and a final review is always conducted by a TechRivo co-founder.

    There are various post-launch support and maintenance options available. We can provide ongoing support to address any issues, perform updates, and ensure the software continues to function optimally, or we can assist with the migration to another company or internal team. The choice is yours.

    All Intellectual property and ownership rights, regarding documentations, code and whatver was produced is fully yours. This is part of our MSA (Master Service Agreement).

    You have a defined budget, and we ensure you get the most out of it by working with you to complete the project within the constraints of time, scope, and cost.

    Our model is based on payment by milestones.

    If you’re not 100% satisfied with the outcome or the timing of a milestone, you’re entitled not to pay for it. It’s that simple

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