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TechRivo is ready to facilitate your journey into the world of Java development and leverage the technology’s specifics to your advantage.

Java Development Services

The usage of Java opens a landscape of opportunities for businesses, but to truly reveal their potential, you need to involve top specialists in the field. TechRivo has gathered the best talents who know how to approach Java development efficiently.

Custom Java Development

Build custom Java solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements and needs of your business. Whether you are seeking a web, mobile, or desktop solution, Java technology will provide an additional layer of security and the TechRivo Java developers will ensure that your software works at its full capacity and is designed with the user experience in mind.

Java Enterprise Application Development

Java is one of the best technologies for enterprise solution development: it provides the necessary capacities for the communication of heterogeneous applications you can encounter in a business environment, as well as handles data-intensive solutions like ERPs, CRMs, or business intelligence software.

Java Migration and Modernization

Keep your Java solutions up-to-date and relevant to current technical environments. TechRivo can help you modernize your legacy applications, preserving the benefits you gained from initial Java application development but optimizing your app to current realities and moving it from on-site servers to the cloud. 

Java Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that you constantly get real value from your Java apps and that they perform at their maximum as planned. TechRivo monitors your solution closely, runs performance audits, and takes necessary maintenance measures to support your application after the initial release.

Java Cloud Solutions Development

Cloud technologies combined with Java make ground for efficient large-scale, complex applications that can be accessed through the internet easily. Leverage the well-known advantages of cloud-native technologies through TechRivo’s expertise and get scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions intended specifically for your company.

Types of Java Applications We Deliver

Java is versatile, and its implementation covers dozens of use cases. Our experience and tech community behind Java technology that constantly works to expand the capacities of the technology allows us to successfully build the following types of software. 

Enterprise-Level Solutions

Choose Java frameworks to design complex and data-intensive solutions, build an enterprise service bus or tap into cutting-edge technologies like machine learning or artificial intelligence. We know how to make the best use of Java web development for enterprise purposes.

Java-Based Mobile Applications

Cross-platform capabilities, a robust programming environment, and a high number of available libraries and frameworks make Java a popular choice for mobile solutions. Build feature-intensive mobile apps with TechRivo Java developers.

Public and Private APIs

Build secure and scalable APIs with Java frameworks. Our team will help you establish connections between various software pieces and components and ensure seamless communication and data flow between them.

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Our Process

TechRivo, as a top-notch Java software development company, focuses on delivering the best client experience to every customer who contacted us. Hence, to ensure that we can match the client’s needs, we offer two cooperation models.

Technical partnership suggests the deepest level of our immersion into your development process. We back up your domain expertise with the necessary technical skills you might lack, ensuring the extremely high quality of the end-point product. This model will bring the most value to companies looking for a partner for long-term commitment and collaborative relationships.

The managed team model implies that our side takes full responsibility for the project’s progress and success. We assemble a team of experts, assign a project manager and build a strategy on how to accomplish the goals you are chasing. At the same time, we stay in close contact with your side, ensuring that we are synchronized on the main points regarding solution vision and project stages.

The augmented team model means that our Java developers join your team as fully-fledged employees and dedicate their expertise and efforts to your development. Your managers stay in charge of the project and control everything that is happening, while our team creates conditions for augmented developers to perform at their maximum level: we take care of administrative issues like salaries, taxes, equipment, etc.

Key Benefits of Java Technology for Software Development

Java has been on the scene for years, making it one of the most reliable and evolved technologies for software development. Java development services are highly popular among businesses of different sized and industries due to the next advantages it has.

Platform Independence

Java is a highly portable language, as it requires only Java Virtual Machine to be able to operate on any platform possible. Therefore, you can use Java on any operating system you need with ease.

Enhanced Security

At its core, Java is designed as a secured programming language with several in-built security features like exception handling or automatic memory management. There is also a big number of special libraries Java developers can use to enhance application security.

Rich Ecosystem

The tech industry has a lot of Java enthusiasts who prefer this language when building software. Eventually, it created a rich ecosystem of Java frameworks, libraries, and other pre-build elements developers can use to increase the efficiency and speed of their work.


Java is robust and able to handle traffic- and data-intensive requests without compromising performance. The language can also handle multiple tasks simultaneously, making it suitable for huge applications with a big workload.

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Industries we serve

Why choose Techrivo as your Java development company?

TechRivo is a boutique software development company. Our team is rather small but consists of top professionals in their domain who deliver real value instead of merely code lines. We work only with a few clients simultaneously, which allows us to maintain high performance and quality levels.

Close Collaboration & Better Control

We appreciate and build relationships. Cooperating with us, you will get not only a contractor who can write code but a partner who will help you to reach your goals and grow your business in the direction you are taking it. We communicate and coordinate with you, provide regular reporting and guide you through every turning point, so you are fully immersed in the project.


Personalized Services & Customer Satisfaction

We won’t make you adjust to being able to work with us: instead, we will adapt to find a matching approach to deliver the maximum value for your business. Such customization gives us a chance to understand your expectation of our development services deeper and cater more appropriately to them. As a result, we manage to deliver fully-fledged solutions efficiently, which results in high customer satisfaction.

Value & Quality

We guarantee real value to every client. Due to the small number of projects in the pipeline, our Java development team are able to fully dedicate their talents to your development process and perform at a peak level. This leads to high-quality code and real solutions aimed to solve core problems and challenges instead of merely quick, superficial results just masking as satisfactory.


Consistency & Reliability

A personalized, boutique approach makes us extremely robust for arising risks and troubles. Every project holds tremendous business and reputational value for us, hence, we dedicate our whole capacities to overcoming challenges, adapting to changing environments, and completing our common journey with results that will satisfy both sides.


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Java application development for an Anti Money Laundering System

Case Study

TechRivo developed a state-of-the-art Anti-money laundry system to be used in the Luxembourgish 🇱🇺 Banking sector. Several Banks and Financial institutions are currently using the system in their Know Your Customer (KYC) and due diligence processes. The application backend is built in JAVA in a microservices architecture that uses several ready-made Artificial Intelligence tools in OCR and NLP as services to provide useful information about the Bank’s customers.

Working with TechRivo is a great experience 

Start your cooperation with TechRivo, a leading Java development company, to achieve your goals.  
We offer a personalized approach supported by a top tech team, who know how to solutions that fulfill the most demanding expectations.

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Relevant Services 

These are a few of the Java development services that we provide:


Java is a versatile programming language, hence, it is used for different types of solutions, namely web, mobile, and desktop ones. It also suits the demanding needs of enterprise-level applications, gaming apps, big data, and ML software, as well as cloud-based solutions.

Java remains one of the strongest programming languages in 2023, mainly because it is a great solution for mobile app development, as well as cutting-edge technologies like ML, IoT, or Big Data.

The price varies from company to company, as there are a lot of factors that affect the cost. If you want to get an estimation of our Java development services, feel free to contact us, and we will give you a custom evaluation of your solution.

Java has a lot of advantages that can contribute a lot to the efficiency and robustness of your solutions, as well as to the cost-efficiency and productivity of the development process.

Outsourced Java application development services allows you to get quick access to advanced expertise and get support from specialists who work with Java technology on a regular basis.

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