IT Due Diligence Services

Receive a 360-degree, unbiased tech evaluation of your startup to prepare for M&A or the next investment round. Optimize your tech infrastructure and enhance your business’s technological impact.

What Is Technical Due Diligence?

Technical due diligence is a comprehensive assessment of software tech capacities that allows one to detect the strengths and weaknesses of a product. Usually, tech due diligence takes place in two main cases: 

TechRivo offers thorough technical due diligence that sums up with a detailed report we present to the client. The report includes two main parts, one of the project’s current state, and a second proposing changes to reduce possible risks and conceptualize further product strategy.

We provide a precise analysis of the following project aspects:

  • product management;
  • supporting tools;
  • software components;
  • software development life cycle;
  • security compliance.

We compare the state of your project at the moment with the state you need to grow to achieve your goals through such topics:

  • gap/fit analysis;
  • proposal of change.
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Our Tech Due Diligence Process

To dive into your operations and ensure a full-fledged picture of your whole project, we collaborate on several stages, namely:

  1. Defining the scope of your technical due diligence
  2. Business Workshop 
  3. Review of relevant project documentation
  4. Technical Workshop
  5. Technology Evaluation (AS-IS state)
  6. Leadership Workshop
  7. Identification of legal and regulatory constraints
  8. Analysis of the best options for the solution (TO-BE state)
  9. Report generation and presentation

Tech Due Diligence Template

Download TechRivo's Tech Due Diligence template for your project.

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Technical due diligence for a sports app

TechRivo partners with an US 🇺🇸 community sports company for the technical assessment of their platform.

Through the gathering and analysis of data, the team was able to provide recommendations for the improvement and optimization of their product.

Why choose TechRivo as Your Software Development Company?

TechRivo is a boutique software development company. Our team consists of top professionals in their domain who deliver real value beyond mere code lines. We prioritize maintaining high performance and quality levels by selectively managing our client engagements.

Close Collaboration & Better Control

We appreciate and build relationships. Cooperating with us, you will get not only a contractor who can write code but a partner who will help you to reach your goals and grow your business in the direction you are taking it. We communicate and coordinate with you, provide regular reporting and guide you through every turning point, so you are fully immersed in the project.

Personalized Services & Customer Satisfaction

We won’t make you adjust to being able to work with us: instead, we will adapt to find a matching approach to deliver the maximum value for your business. Such customization gives us a chance to understand your expectation of our Node.js development services deeper and cater more appropriately to them. As a result, we manage to deliver fully-fledged solutions efficiently, which results in high customer satisfaction.

Value & Quality

We guarantee real value to every client. Due to the small number of projects in the pipeline, our specialists are able to fully dedicate their talents to your development process and perform at a peak level. This leads to high-quality code and real solutions aimed to solve core problems and challenges instead of merely quick, superficial results just masking as satisfactory.

Consistency & Reliability

A personalized, boutique approach makes us extremely robust for arising risks and troubles. Every project holds tremendous business and reputational value for us, hence, we dedicate our whole capacities to overcoming challenges, adapting to changing environments, and completing our common journey with results that will satisfy both sides.


Tech due diligence helps companies identify and mitigate potential risks, detect technology gaps, comprehend growth potential and enhance the success of incoming investments.

We analyze your project from different perspectives, with the main focus on processes, technical debt, code quality, team roles review and security compliance.

The duration depends on the project complexity and its own specifics. On average, it might take from a few weeks to a couple months.

Tech due diligence is a must if you are getting ready for investments or merge, and if you are looking for opportunities to optimize your project.

TechRivo has gathered a team of strong, experienced specialists who know how to improve software products and ready to implement this knowledge while conducting due diligence.