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Put mobile app development in the hands of TechRivo professionals 

We take care of every technical aspect of the mobile app development process so that you can focus on the business side of your launch

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Our Mobile App Development Services

Delegate your mobile app development project to our professionals and get a high-quality solution tailored to your requirements and expectations

Leverage the unique benefits of native development to acquire scalable, user-friendly iOS and Android apps. We are familiar with the specific challenges of native app development and possess the necessary knowledge on how to approach them and fulfill your expectations to the limit.

Choose cross-platform development to reduce time-to-market and build a mobile solution universal for different platforms. Our team of mobile app developers will approach the project with extra thoroughness to guarantee consistent performance on every platform and great UX for high user satisfaction.

Mobile App Types we deliver 

Whether you need an Android, iOS, or cross-platform mobile app, we apply our expertise and experience to create a solution that will fulfill your goals and strengthen your business.

Android Apps

High-quality native apps designed precisely for Android Mobile, TV, Tablet, and Wear, already tailored to be easily submitted to Google Play and successfully promoted among your competitors.

iOS Apps​

Fully-fledged mobile apps that consider specifics and leverage benefits of Apple’s iOS, made by our seasoned specialists for platforms like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Hybrid Apps​

Mobile app development solutions built on cross-platform technologies. Cost-efficient and rapid in development and launch, they are carefully built by our team to perform on the highest level.

Our process

We offer flexible cooperation models to every client, and this allows us to ensure close collaboration, customized mobile app development services, and a value-driven approach.

Our technical partnership engagement model is a flexible and collaborative approach to software development. This model involves a close working relationship between us, where our side provides technical expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. We take responsibility for the technical aspects of the project, while you maintain control over the overall direction and vision. This model allows for a highly customized approach to software development, with ongoing support and maintenance provided by the vendor to ensure the success of the project.

We take responsibility for the project ownership while keeping in close contact with your side to coordinate every crucial step in our mobile application development journey. Our project managers oversee the team of mobile developers, tech architects, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, product managers, and other required specialists for successful delivery. We track and report processes and performance and take care of troubleshooting, relieving the resources of your team for strategic business tasks.

We supplement your development team with the highly trained mobile app developers you are lacking. Depending on your necessity and requirements, we pick the best developers from our bench who will join your team as dedicated full- or part-time employees. At the same time, our side takes care of the administrative aspects of such cooperation (compensation, equipment, benefits, insurance, etc.), while you get a strong expert in a shorter span of time than with traditional hiring.

Benefits of Mobile App Development Services

Why do you need mobile app development for small businesses? 

New Opportunities

Mobile app development pursues different goals and reveals the potential of various kinds, from growing the client base to tapping into new niches. The ecosystem of mobile applications has already grown beyond merely an addition to desktops, so you have a chance to drastically expand your business presence.

Enriched Customer Experience

Use mobile solutions to simplify the lives of your clients. The mobile app development process pushes you to dive deeper into customer behavior, and when you use this data right, you are able to bring new experiences and make interactions with clients more meaningful and valuable.

Relevance to Current Digital Environment

Mobile app development will preserve your place on the digital map, as nowadays the majority of clients prefer mobile solutions to desktop ones. Stay relevant to the user expectations and reach them in an environment that they use to run their business, take care of personal affairs, and interact with the world.

Our Technology Stack


A JavaScript library


A container orchestration system


A JavaScript framework for static site generation


A containerisation platform


A high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language

Industries we serve

Mobile application development for sports activities

Case Study

TechRivo empowered governing bodies across the US 🇺🇸 in the management and promotion of sports activities. 

The mobile application is key for communities to share their sports offer and for citizens to participate.

Working with TechRivo is a great experience 

TechRivo is a custom app development task force. We are a group of 10 top professionals in creating software products, from design to software development. We aim to work only with a limited number of simultaneous products, which allows us to maintain high performance and high levels of fun.

Agile team work.

TechRivo in numbers

The numbers are small and we do our best to keep them small.

Failure rate (%)
Projects Simultaneously
Team members
Complaining Customers


TechRivo is a boutique-like development company, meaning that our specialists simultaneously work just on a few projects instead of dozens. This allows them to focus precisely on your development and consistently deliver software of high quality. At the same time, we approach every project personally, focus on bringing as much business value as it is possible and tailor solutions in a custom manner to your expectations and needs. 

Should you go for Android & iOS app development, or should you build a cross-platform solution? Generally, native apps are more tailored for their platform, however, hybrid solutions take less time and cost to be developed. In our experience, there are no universal answers: every case is unique and requires evaluations of all business and technical aspects of your desired application. TechRivo would be glad to offer our help for such an analysis and selection of the appropriate platform for you.

The cost of app development depends on various factors, such as the platform, the scope, the complexity, the tech stack, etc. It is impossible to name the right price without knowing the details, as the development prices might vary from a few thousand dollars for the simplest app to hundreds of thousands for a profound solution. If you want to get an evaluation, feel free to contact our managers, who will ask for all the details we need to provide you with the estimated price. 

Mobile applications are highly diverse: nowadays, it is possible to add almost any service and feature to the mobile solution, if you cooperate with skilled developers with relevant expertise. 

There are various typologies you can apply to mobile apps. For example, they can be divided by the industries they are used for (fintech, real estate, e-commerce, etc.), or they can be divided by the platform they are built on (Android, iOS, or cross-platform solutions like React Native).

TechRivo team diagram.

Work with professionals

TechRivo is a boutique mobile app development agency. Our team is rather small but consists of top professionals in their domain who deliver real value instead of merely code lines. We work only with a few clients simultaneously, which allows us to maintain high performance and quality levels.


Consistency & Reliability

A personalized, boutique approach makes our team extremely robust for arising risks and troubles. Every mobile app development project holds tremendous business and reputational value for us, hence, we dedicate our whole capacities to overcoming challenges, adapting to changing environments, and completing our common journey with results that will satisfy both sides.

Value & Quality

We guarantee real value to every client. Due to the small number of projects in the pipeline, our specialists are able to fully dedicate their talents to your mobile application development project and perform at a peak level. This leads to high-quality code and real solutions aimed to solve core problems and challenges instead of merely quick, superficial results just masking as satisfactory.

Personalized Services & Customer Satisfaction

We won’t make you adjust to being able to work with us: instead, we will adapt to find a matching approach to deliver the maximum value for your business. Such customization gives us a chance to understand your expectation of mobile app development services deeper and cater more appropriately to them. As a result, we manage to deliver fully-fledged solutions efficiently, which results in high customer satisfaction.

Close Collaboration & Better Control​

We appreciate and build relationships. Cooperating with us, you will get not only a contractor who can write code but a partner who will help you to reach your goals and grow your business in the direction you are taking it. We communicate and coordinate with you, provide regular reporting and guide you through every turning point, so you are fully immersed in the project.

What our clients say about our services

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