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Our Web App Development Services

Delegate your development to professional web developers who will choose the best delivery strategy for you to reach your goals

Have a web app tailored to the needs of your business. We approach every project in an individual manner to build solutions that will match our clients, so they can extract the maximum value from the solution in the shortest terms possible. We offer a full cycle of development, so you can count on long-term partnership benefits.

If you already have legacy web solutions in use, we can help you upgrade them to up-to-date standards. Save the data you already have, keep the functionality you need and add features you were lacking before, and leverage modern web technologies to tap into the potential to which you don’t have access to before.

Quality UI/UX design ensures that the target audience will interact with your solution in the way you want it. This will allow them to see the value the web app offers to them, which is a guarantee for success. TechRivo knows how to catch the attention of your desired users and guide them through app capacities.

Types of Web Apps We Deliver

We conceptualize, develop, test, and launch web apps for different purposes.

Enterprise Apps​

TechRivo helps companies of different sizes to strengthen their business processes by building enterprise-level web apps. We can tailor them to power up remote collaboration, automate operations, visualize data, etc.

Web Portals​

Build different types of web portals to enhance your relationships with any of your stakeholders (clients, partners, etc.). Improve your collaboration with the help of well-built solutions with intuitive design and profound security for sensitive data.


Progressive web apps allow you to combine the benefits of native apps and browser-based solutions in one. TechRivo thoroughly develops PWAs you can launch as stand-alone products or leverage their capacities for internal use.

Web application development services

Our Process

We focus on delivering high-quality web app development services to our clients through customized offers. Choose the cooperation model that suits you the best.

We become your technical partner who takes full ownership of tech processes crucial for your product or business. We immerse deeply into your business to understand your context and specifics to build an interactive and collaborative relationship. This allows us to deliver high-quality software that matches your requirements.

Our team is in charge of web app development and focuses on delivering services on the highest level possible, revealing you from any responsibilities related to team performance. At the same time, our manager stays in close contact with you to synchronize on main points to keep our common vision aligned.

Our developers join your in-house development team under the guidance of your managers. TechRivo’s specialists contribute their efforts and expertise as fully-fledged employees of yours, while we take care of administrative aspects of their employment, like compensation, benefits, equipment, etc.

Value Hidden Behind Web Applications

Web apps make a tremendous contribution to your business growth and performance, and the next qualities make them perfect for corporate use as a replacement to on-premise software.

Cross-platform Availability​

Web applications don’t require any installation and are usually designed to work correctly on any desktop platform (Microsoft, macOS, Linux, etc.), which makes them convenient for users and cost-efficient for companies that launch them.


It is much easier to scale and expand a web solution than on-premise software. If you have the plan to use your software for years and grow it as you go, a web app option would suit you the best and fulfill your goals.

High Security

The principles under which web apps operate add another layer of security for your corporate data in case of equipment loss or theft. At the same time, web apps are easier to restore, which also reduces risks for organizations.

Our Technology Stack


A JavaScript library


A container orchestration system


A JavaScript framework for static site generation


A containerisation platform


A high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language

Industries we serve

Case Studies

Case Study

TechRivo in partnership with Porsche Club of Victoria in Australia 🇦🇺 created a web application to enhance the experience of racers in automotive events.


Working with TechRivo is a great experience 

TechRivo is a custom app development task force. We are a group of 10 top professionals in creating software products, from design to software development. We aim to work only with a limited number of simultaneous products, which allows us to maintain high performance and high levels of fun.

Agile team work.


Web application development is the process of building software that is stored on remote servers and is delivered to its users through the Internet. Web apps are often opposed to on-premise solutions which need to be uploaded to users’ devices to work.

The development price might vary from a few thousand to a hundred thousand dollars. Such a difference is caused by the different factors that determine the app itself: its scope, the technologies chosen for development, the difficulty of functionality, etc. The more profound you want your app to be, the more money you will need to invest in it.

TechRivo combines two important factors that allow us to provide high-level services. First, we managed to gather a top team of tech talents who has years of experience in their domains. Second, we consider ourselves a boutique development company, hence, we don’t take more than 5 projects in our pipeline. This allows our developers to fully dedicate their skills to chosen projects, stay engaged and focus on a limited scope of work instead of scattering their attention over dozens of projects and tasks, and consequently perform at the highest level.

Web applications have a lot of benefits, and the majority of them are universal and relevant for every business industry you can think of. Web apps might help you to build up and automate your inner business purposes, create convenient tools for communication and collaboration, or provide you with environments and solutions to connect with customers or partners.

PWA stands for progressive web applications. PWAs have the same capacities as native apps, but are delivered through the web and built with web technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, and others.  

What our clients say about our services

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