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Our Custom MVP Development Services

TechRivo specialists know how to turn your boldest ideas into viable products

Enter the MVP development process with everything you need to achieve success. Gain support from TechRivo tech experts to conceptualize product vision, receive quality data from technology and market analysis, as well as a detailed estimation of the time and effort required for your MVP app to be delivered.

Delegate the development of your MVP solution to our experienced MVP development team. From the early steps to the very end, our experts will take your project through every challenge effortlessly and create all conditions for you to validate your ideas and test your theories in practice.

Stages of MVP Software Development

We carefully assess your requirements and power up step-by-step development to deliver a successful MVP project which will have the potential to grow into a bigger, stronger digital product.


The discovery phase is a must-have stage for the further success of the minimum viable product development. We run an in-depth analysis of the market, competitors, technologies, and users to come up with preliminary documentation, plans, and prototypes we will use to build the MVP efficiently, saving you time and resources.


We focus on designing user-friendly, intuitive interfaces backed up by a thoroughly thought-out user experience journey. We tailor every element in a way it would work well for the idea validation you are pursuing and will give you a clear image of user behavior within your solution.


Our developers dedicate their vast MVP software development experience to building and testing a bug-free, functional solution. We follow Agile methodology to ensure flexibility, adaptability, and high product quality and deliver business value to your project with every action we take.


After the initial launch, we are ready to proceed to support your solution, altering it according to the feedback you will gather from the initial users and developing it further into a more mature system or expanding its functionality. We will help you to handle any disruption that happens with your developed MVP solution.

How We Develop MVP Software

We offer different cooperation models for a better customer experience, so you can pick the one that will fit your needs the most.

We become your long-term partner and take care of the core tech aspects of your product or business. This model fits businesses building software products with wider scope and projects where you need to closely collaborate and synchronize on a high level with a third-party vendor.

We take full ownership of the minimum viable product development process and ensure that everything goes smoothly and according to your expectations. Our development team works under the guidance of our project manager, who stays in close contact with you to keep you integrated into the development.

Our selected developers join your team as full-time employees. They dedicate their expertise and experience to your MVP software development while staying under your management, so you can preserve full control over your processes. In turn, we are taking care of administrative aspects of developers’ employment.

Value of MVP Development Services

Leverage MVP development services to expand the potential of your business.

Optimized Time-to-market​

MVP allows you to acquire a working solution much faster than any other strategy. In the shortest possible terms, you get an app you can immediately release to your users and gather feedback, instead of waiting months or even years before your solution would be fully finished.

Testing Business Hypothesis​

MVP solutions allow you to test your ideas efficiently but do it in a cost-efficient manner. Through MVP development services, you get simple, but full-fledged software that can be presented to users for testing and reviewing. Such a rapid feedback gathering allows you to easily react to customers’ requests and implement necessary changes without losing money or time.

Reduced Costs

MVP development services help you to use your budget more wisely. Instead of investing a lot into a system without knowing the reaction from the target audience, you can take a part of this sum and invest it into an MVP system, test it on real users, tailor it to their expectations, and get a final solution that will definitely gain success.

Tech Stack for MVP Development Services


A JavaScript library


A container orchestration system


A JavaScript framework for static site generation


A containerisation platform


A high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language

TechRivo Industry Expertise

Case Studies

Case Study

TechRivo helped a Swiss 🇨🇭 entrepreneur transforming his idea into an MVP with the goal of testing its business model with real users. 

The MVP helped the definition of the best path to disrupt the search for executive education. 


Working with TechRivo is a great experience 

TechRivo is a custom app development task force. We are a group of 10 top professionals in creating software products, from design to software development. We aim to work only with a limited number of simultaneous products, which allows us to maintain high performance and high levels of fun.

Agile team work.

TechRivo in numbers

The numbers are small and we do our best to keep them small.

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MVP development is the most efficient way in terms of money and effort to test your idea for a tech solution. After a short span of time, you get a full-fledged solution with core functions you can release to your users and gather feedback.

Our company offers a boutique approach to software development. This allows our team to focus on providing the best customer service, which always leads to high customer satisfaction. We also gather the top tech talent in their expertise to ensure high-quality code and immaculate software.

On average, the MVP development process takes from 3 to 6 months. The timeline depends a lot on the scope of your desired solution and its difficulty.

The cost of MVP development services varies a lot, as every project is unique and may require different amounts of effort from developers. The more difficult is the project, the more money it will cost. To find out how much your MVP project will cost, you can always contact our managers who will ask you for the necessary details and provide you with an estimation for reference.

MVP and prototype are different concepts. The prototype is just a simulation of the future solution, which looks like an end-point product, but doesn’t really have full-scale functionality. On the other hand, MVP is a full-fledged product that has basic functionality and can be released and used by real users.

TechRivo team diagram.

Work with professionals

TechRivo is a boutique mobile app development agency. Our team is rather small but consists of top professionals in their domain who deliver real value instead of merely code lines. We work only with a few clients simultaneously, which allows us to maintain high performance and quality levels.


Consistency & Reliability

A personalized, boutique approach makes our team extremely robust for arising risks and troubles. Every mobile app development project holds tremendous business and reputational value for us, hence, we dedicate our whole capacities to overcoming challenges, adapting to changing environments, and completing our common journey with results that will satisfy both sides.

Value & Quality

We guarantee real value to every client. Due to the small number of projects in the pipeline, our specialists are able to fully dedicate their talents to your mobile application development project and perform at a peak level. This leads to high-quality code and real solutions aimed to solve core problems and challenges instead of merely quick, superficial results just masking as satisfactory.

Personalized Services & Customer Satisfaction

We won’t make you adjust to being able to work with us: instead, we will adapt to find a matching approach to deliver the maximum value for your business. Such customization gives us a chance to understand your expectation of mobile app development services deeper and cater more appropriately to them. As a result, we manage to deliver fully-fledged solutions efficiently, which results in high customer satisfaction.

Close Collaboration & Better Control​

We appreciate and build relationships. Cooperating with us, you will get not only a contractor who can write code but a partner who will help you to reach your goals and grow your business in the direction you are taking it. We communicate and coordinate with you, provide regular reporting and guide you through every turning point, so you are fully immersed in the project.

What our clients say about our services

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