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Enter the era of decentralization and transform your business operations through blockchain projects

TechRivo delivers blockchain solutions and helps businesses navigate the reality of Web 3.0 and a decentralized economy.

Examples of decentralized applications.

Our Blockchain Services

Blockchain opens a new landscape of opportunities for businesses, and we are here to help you get the most value from the blockchain for your company.

We are ready to develop customized blockchain applications and platforms for your business. Whether you’re only starting with MVP or need to upgrade your existing blockchain project, our blockchain developers are ready to completely immerse themselves into your development.

Explore the capacities of blockchain software development with the contribution of our developers. Our specialist will provide you with specific industry-related expertise based not only on tech but business aspects like competitors and market research and in-depth analysis of your requirements and processes.

Types of Blockchain Solutions We Deliver

Adopt blockchain solutions for your business to optimize various aspects of your business and reach new markets.


Capitalize on secure transactions to find your niche in the decentralized economy. TechRivo provides full-cycle development of dApps and enterprise blockchain solutions of high quality.

Smart Contracts​

Acquire smart contracts from TechRivo to ensure their security and high performance. We thoroughly test every protocol before releasing it to provide you with reliable solutions.


Leverage NFT technology to turn your assets into NFT tokens or expand your company’s services by introducing a new NFT marketplace or an ecosystem with the help of TechRivo.


Explore the opportunities of blockchain-based decentralized organization governance through DAO platforms developed by TechRivo according to your needs and requirements.

Prototyping mobile decentralised apps

Our Process

To achieve the best results possible from our collaboration, we offer these types of cooperation to our clients. Choose the one that suits your goal the best.

Partner with a strong tech crew to delegate the development of technical parts of your product or business to top-class specialists. We take full ownership of tech processes, providing necessary support on a long-term basis, so your company can focus on other core aspects of your business.

Get a fully-fledged development team to conceptualize, build and release your solution. Our specialists take full ownership of the development process, including management and post-release support. At the same time, we stay in close contact with your side and synchronize the crucial turning points to ensure high-quality client services.

Access the expertise of great tech minds without spending resources on traditional hiring. You can supplement your in-house tech team with our specialists, who will join your crew remotely but dedicate all of their work efforts to your project. While you keep control over performance and management, we cover administrative aspects of specialists’ employment.

Value of Custom Software Development

Blockchain is a hot topic, but what real benefits can it bring to the enterprise focused on achieving its specific business goals?

Enhanced Security​

At its core, blockchain is decentralized, which gives additional security benefits to blockchain platforms and solutions. This contributes a lot to data-intense industries with a need for big volumes of data exchange and transfer.


Again, traceability is inherent to the blockchain, which grants companies extra transparency of operations and tracking capacities of the assets, goods, etc. It also simplifies the communications between several parties involved with an asset.

Increased Transaction Speed

By using automation, blockchain increases the speed of transactions by processing them in a few seconds. As a result, you get much higher efficiency of operations and save resources you can dedicate to more demanding issues. 

Our Technology Stack


A JavaScript library


A container orchestration system


A JavaScript framework for static site generation


A containerisation platform


A high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language

Industries we serve

Case Studies

Case Study

TechRivo is creating a decentralised network named SyncVita with the support from European 🇪🇺 research and development grants. 

SyncVita was chosen to be presented in the Urban Tech accelerator in University of Graz 🇦🇹.   


Working with TechRivo is a great experience 

TechRivo is a custom app development task force. We are a group of 10 top professionals in creating software products, from design to software development. We aim to work only with a limited number of simultaneous products, which allows us to maintain high performance and high levels of fun.

Agile team work.


Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that allows sharing of data in an extremely secure manner across public or private networks.

The price of blockchain solutions varies a lot, as they vary in difficulty, technologies, and scope of work. If you want to know how much your desired solution will cost, you can contact our managers, share the necessary details, and we will provide you will an estimation for your project.

Blockchain can be implemented to solve dozens of business challenges, and it will bring the most value for companies looking to secure data operations and enhance their transparency, increase the speed of transactions, and operate efficiently in the Web 3.0 environment.

The most common application of blockchain happens in the following industries: finance and banking, healthcare, insurance, supply chain, automotive, manufacturing, and retail.

TechRivo assembled a strong team of specialists with unique knowledge of blockchain technologies who know how to implement it for business purposes. At the same time, we strive to provide top-level services, and hence don’t take more than several projects into our pipeline simultaneously to offer every client customized services and a highly personalized approach.

TechRivo team diagram.

Work with professionals

TechRivo is a boutique blockchain development company. Our team is rather small but consists of top professionals in their domain who deliver real value instead of merely code lines. We work only with a few clients simultaneously, which allows us to maintain high performance and quality levels.

Consistency & Reliability

A personalized, boutique approach makes our team extremely robust for arising risks and troubles. Every mobile app development project holds tremendous business and reputational value for us, hence, we dedicate our whole capacities to overcoming challenges, adapting to changing environments, and completing our common journey with results that will satisfy both sides.

Value & Quality

We guarantee real value to every client. Due to the small number of projects in the pipeline, our specialists are able to fully dedicate their talents to your mobile application development project and perform at a peak level. This leads to high-quality code and real solutions aimed to solve core problems and challenges instead of merely quick, superficial results just masking as satisfactory.

Personalized Services & Customer Satisfaction

We won’t make you adjust to being able to work with us: instead, we will adapt to find a matching approach to deliver the maximum value for your business. Such customization gives us a chance to understand your expectation of mobile app development services deeper and cater more appropriately to them. As a result, we manage to deliver fully-fledged solutions efficiently, which results in high customer satisfaction.

Close Collaboration & Better Control​

We appreciate and build relationships. Cooperating with us, you will get not only a contractor who can write code but a partner who will help you to reach your goals and grow your business in the direction you are taking it. We communicate and coordinate with you, provide regular reporting and guide you through every turning point, so you are fully immersed in the project.

What our clients say about our services

If you are not confident where to start, one of our specialists can help you in a free consultation meeting.