TechRivo accepted into Scaleway’s Startup Program

scaleway startup program

We are happy to announce that TechRivo has been accepted into Scaleway’s Startup Program.

Scaleway is a European Cloud Provider that helps developers and businesses build, deploy, and scale applications to any infrastructure. This program offers a unique opportunity to enhance our business capabilities through access to their advanced public cloud infrastructure.

By joining Scaleway’s Startup Program, the TechRivo team can keep developing work on GTAXO, our AI Data Transformation engine for Qualification of Credit operations.

With this partnership, TechRivo will leverage Scaleway’s robust cloud infrastructure to enhance GTAXO’s capabilities. The cloud credits and technical resources provided by  Scaleway will enable us to scale our operations efficiently and effectively.

We are excited about this partnership’s possibilities and are committed to utilizing Scaleway’s resources to deliver superior solutions to our clients. Stay tuned for more updates on how this program is helping us drive innovation.