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Get Top-Tier Developers Without the Hassle of In-House Hiring

Leverage our specialized expertise and our senior developer team to deliver tailored and quality solutions with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.




    Struggling to upscale your Team without significant costs?

    Costs of In-House Hiring

    Building an in-house team can be very expensive, with high recruitment costs and lengthy hiring processes. This often leads to project delays and missed business opportunities.

    Integration Challenges

    Seamlessly incorporating outsourced teams into your existing workflows is complex. Poor integration can disrupt operations, resulting in subpar product quality and inefficiencies.

    Project Management Issues

    Effective project management is essential and without the right expertise, your company risks falling behind competitors and failing to meet customer expectations.

    Trust TechRivo to Deliver Expert Solutions

    We use our hands-on experience to provide quality solutions for your outsourcing needs.

    What we offer

    Specialized, high-quality developers through two flexible models to choose from

    Managed Team Model

    Comprehensive Team Management
    We handle every aspect of team assembly and management, from recruitment to deployment, so you won’t worry about building and managing an in-house team.

    Quality Assurance and Performance
    We implement stringent quality control measures and performance benchmarks to ensure your software solutions meet the highest industry standards.

    Collaborative Approach
    Regular communication and synchronization with your team ensure that your vision is accurately translated into the final product.

    Transparent Reporting

    We provide comprehensive updates and reports, giving clear insights into the project’s status and progress.

    Transparent Reporting

    We provide comprehensive updates and reports, giving you clear insights into the project’s status and progress.

    Cost Efficiency
    Our managed team model is a cost-effective solution, reducing overheads and operational costs while leveraging our expertise to achieve your project goals.

    Augmented Team

    Seamless Integration
    Our specialists integrate smoothly into your existing team, bringing the expertise you need while maintaining your control over project management and direction.

    Targeted Expertise
    Gain immediate access to specialized skills and knowledge that fill the gaps in your current team, enhancing your project’s capability and efficiency.

    Administrative Management
    We handle all administrative responsibilities, including employment contracts, salaries, taxes, and equipment provisioning, freeing you from these logistical burdens.

    Flexible Engagement
    Our model allows for flexibility in scaling your team based on project demands, ensuring you have the right resources.

    Cost Efficiency
    Reduce costs associated with recruitment, HR, and infrastructure while benefiting from the expertise of highly skilled professionals.

    Continuous Support
    We provide ongoing support and regular check-ins ensuring smooth collaboration, ensuring your project stays on track.

    Having helped many through software development challenges, I understand the frustration of lacking time and technical skills to bring a project to life.​

    Do you have any questions?

    Software development outsourcing is an efficient way to get access to top tech experts and leverage their skills and experience to build efficient solutions.

    You can divide software development outsourcing into various categories, e.g., by cooperation model (Managed teams – full ownership of the development process, with the provider managing the team and ensuring quality, Augmented teams –  integration of specialists into your existing team, with the provider handling administrative tasks, and Project-Based outsourcing – hiring a team to complete a specific project with defined scope and deliverables.

    Ensuring quality involves selecting a reputable outsourcing partner with proven experience, defining clear project requirements and deliverables, establishing regular communication and progress updates, implementing robust project management and quality assurance processes, andR reviewing references and past performance of the outsourcing provider.

    Outsourcing reduces software development costs by hiring external teams, eliminating the need for an in-house team, and optimizing resource use. It also enables quick scaling and access to expertise, making it an efficient way to strengthen your team. Additionally, outsourcing connects you with domain experts, offering fresh perspectives and flexibility. Contracts are finalized efficiently, delivering a dedicated team within a short timeframe for high-level service delivery.

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