The 3 parts of your development plan

Software development team cooperation

In many ways, building software is similar to building a Business or building yourself as an entrepreneur. After all, they’re development projects of some sort that need planning.

That is why you see Software Products, Business, and building yourself as an entrepreneur as interrelated terms in all that surrounds TechRivo.

Techrivo is therefore targeted not to build your development plan. That’s your job, but to guide you and provide you with tools so you can more easily do it.

There are three central Developments Plans that Techrivo fosters you to accomplish:

#1 Entrepreneur Development Plan

About how you can grow as an Entrepreneur in the digital world. What knowledge do you need to get your hands into?

It’s about how to identify issues on your path and how to distinguish the good from the not-so-good. Try as much as you can to avoid common startup failures.

Although we have framed it in an area dedicated to startups and entrepreneurship, this plan is for anyone that wants to get more insight and no-frills information about what’s needed to become a digital entrepreneur.  After all, it all starts with You and your partners.

#2 Software Development Plan

This is about the journey to get your software product to a remarkable level. And is composed with five main steps:

#3 Online Business Development Plan

How to build your Business better. Whether you’re just starting or you’re having growing pains, you’ll find tools and information to help you out on your journey.

Tools like the MVP Project Evaluator and Partnership Business Checker will allow you to have a better grasp on your Business and your Team.

The three Plans are interconnected And shouldn’t be dissociated from your strategy.

You need to grow as an Entrepreneur and Validate your idea through a proof of concept. Only then you’ll engage in building your Business Development Plan.

A typical journey would look like this:

  • Acquire as much knowledge as you can regarding what you want to accomplish. Educate yourself in the proper process, in all the ins and outs of Building Remarkable software and a remarkable online business. Sell your idea to yourself first. If you don’t believe in it, no one will.
  • Create your Proof of concept, sell it to your friends and family and check if it sells itself, is there a need that your idea fulfils?
  • Build a Prototype, and have it shown, and go out and sell it again. Did you get positive feedback?
  • By now, you should know if you are willing to spend time and money on an MVP. If that’s the case, get partners. Ensure you take your time to pick them as you’ll be with them for the entire journey. And go out and sell it to the world or at least a subset of it.
  • Take your MVP as a base, develop it into a Remarkable Product, and then sell it to the masses.

Have you realized that in every step, you will be selling?

If you don’t know or you’re not willing to sell… It’s time to change your mindset or get a partner that is willing to do it with you.

The Development Plans aim for you to make the least mistakes possible in building your remarkable Business.

But you need to do your part. Educate yourself before spending any money.

Start by Verifying your Idea with a Proof of Concept.