Digital twin – Edemso Use Case

Edemso digital twin system.

Cevia Digital is building bespoke software to help companies to get the most out of a digital twin.

Use Case


Firstly, engineers all over the industries have issues sharing engineering documentation through colleagues, teams, business units, partners and customers. Secondly, not all the stakeholders have on-demand the proper software and devices to open or access these particular document types. 

It is a challenge for someone without an engineering and project context to analyse several files related to the same engineering project in different sources and software.

The use of 3D models is exclusive to the designer at the beginning of the value chain. After this phase, the visualisations are shared in 2D to avoid issues related to the system’s compatibility.  

According to and Deloitte

  • Engineers waste 2 months per year looking for product data; 
  • An engineer uses 10 systems to make one product change.


Cevia Digital developed a digital twin system, Edemso, to work, share, collaborate and visualize documents and 3D files. Furthermore, the system is used among all the stakeholders and during the entire product lifetime.

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or groups of objects that mirrors in real time its shape, characteristics and performances. The virtual counterpart can provide an organisation’s ecosystem with data necessary to improve its performance and build next-generation products. 

The Edemso system gives the users the possibility of viewing 3D files (STEP, STP, etc.) without the need for CAD tools. Moreover, these documents can be visualised in 3D and opened in a common browser by a common device.


Anyone in the value chain can share 3D models in a simple and accessible way on mobile or on the desktop with a few clicks. 

Edemso avoids the use of unsafe online viewers, custom ERP developments or e-mails with extensive lists of links and large files.

The system is able to extend the portfolio to a wide range of customers through the adaptability and variety of problems that the bespoke software solves. 

Edemso is approaching completely new markets as a result of the versatility and applicability of the solution. It is a clear competitive advantage in other businesses such as: 

  • Manufacturing;
  • Architecture;
  • Facility management;
  • Industrial plants; 
  • Energy production; 
  • Renewals;
  • Circular economy. 

The percentage of stakeholders in the value chain that now can access the documents reached nearly 100%. Besides that, the system reduces to a few seconds and 2 clicks the average time to access those same documents.

By spreading the use of the Edemso system, and empowering innovation in industry and infrastructure, Cevia Digital works towards the 9th goal of the sustainable development plan promoted by the United Nations. 

Why TechRivo?

TechRivo helped on the technical side of the solution by partnering with technical guidance and architecture consulting. In addition, the expertise in the used development languages and the know-how from other areas, aligned with Cevia Digital’s domain knowledge, resulted in a mature valuable product – Edemso.