Custom CRM software – Porsche Club

Racing Porsche.

Porsche Club is building custom CRM software to enhance its management of motorsport events and compliance processes. 


Porsche is not only a car builder but a community of enthusiasts that reunite around the motorsport and the brand. 

Several Porsche Clubs were created around the world to form organized communities. Those organizations create several events throughout the year. The goal is to foster the users’ passion for the sport, brand and for their machines. In some of the mentioned events, the participants race on different tracks and socialize around their common interest: motorsport.  

Porsche Club at Victoria, Melbourne, works with 2000 members. Previously, most of the data-recording processes related to all the events were done on a Microsoft Access application and distributed through several independent systems. As a major operator of club-level motorsport and with increasing concern for efficiency and data security, the old Access system was no longer sustainable.


The initials “CRM” stands for Customer Relations Management system. CRMs are systems used to centralise the information about customers in an organization. Subsequently, having everything centralized in an application helps in providing a better and more customised service.

Examples of data that can be centralised in a CRM are:

  • Contact details.
  • Previous purchases.
  • Previous support contacts.
  • Interests.
  • Following interactions.
  • Other info that organizations find useful.

For Porsche Club Victoria, the solution to improve the management of the data and process workflows was to build a custom CRM system for motorsport management, administration and compliance. Thus, the software needs to be customized to the particularities of the motorsport processes and requirements of the National Motorsport regulations.

A relevant characteristic of the system is the ability to integrate with the already existing third-party membership system and third-party e-signing capability. Furthermore, the data flow between systems is a key solution to make it user-friendly and highly secure.

Additionally, the CRM system includes several features like members and their vehicle’s motorsport registration, championship management, historic vehicle management, timing display and live entrant data.


By hosting the system in cloud-based environments, its scalability and performance capability were no longer a hindrance. In addition, user efficiency and security were enhanced by design choices and user management.

The integrations with current systems, allowed the administration to save volunteer time in operations tasks, and to automate and refine workflows. Moreover, the automated data gathering reduces human error and allows later data close-off.

The user experience was enhanced by eliminating paper-based systems at racetracks, live display of participant compliance data and at-venue live registration.

Why TechRivo

The engineering team worked with club volunteers from the conceptualization and requirements phase. The team consulted on the best system architecture, development stack and SDLC. 

The partnership with TechRivo ends up resulting in a remarkable software product that perfectly fits the needs of the organization. As a result, the team maintains the system and keeps a close relationship with the business challenges. As a result, when requirements change, the team is agile enough to update the system to face new and very dynamic industry opportunities.