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TechRivo is a global technology consulting firm specializing in financial services. We offer Custom Software Development, Outsourcing, Technical Due Diligence, and IT Consulting. Our services include team restructuring and optimization to improve effectiveness, productivity, and successful outcomes.

Team member Patryk profile photo.

Patryk Majchrzycki

Co-Founder & CTO

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Kirill Golubev

BE Developer

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Pavel Rudnitskiy

FE Developer

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Anna Pytlik

UI/UX Designer

Raquel administrative assistant

Raquel Rodrigues

Administrative Assistant

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Younes EL-Haiti

BE Developer

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Misha Kravtsov

FE Developer

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Daniil Pankratov

BE Developer

Business and Technically skilled Engineering teams

A Software Consulting Firm, that provides comprehensive IT consulting services and software development solutions to our clients. Our services are tailored to each project’s unique needs. 

This includes conducting due diligence and proposing strategic changes such as new developments, team restructuring, outsourcing, and insourcing, as well as creating development plans and roadmaps to achieve desired outcomes.

Incorporated in Portugal, but distributed through Europe.
We deliberately Focus in a small number of customers to whom we’re able to Partner and provide the best ROI.

In a 30 minutes remote meeting with one of our founders, you can introduce us your business, the ecosystem and your technology. We will be able to share our knowledge and advise you on the best technical solution and practices. 

If you need software development services or just technical guidance, our team is here to help.

Technical Due Diligence Services

We always start with a technical due diligence. This consulting service culminates in a report that includes two main parts, one of them describing the current state of the project, while the second proposes changes directed to improve performance, reduce possible risks, and align technology with the business goals.

Technical Due Diligence for Fintech 

Use Case

By conducting a technical due diligence, TechRivo’s team gained a comprehensive understanding of the partner’s current technological capabilities, potential vulnerabilities, and opportunities for improvement. This information was summed up in a detailed report that was presented to all stakeholders and served as a base to the further Tech strategy.

KYC and Anti-Money-Laundering

Use Case

The banking industry in general, faces numerous challenges related to customer onboarding, due diligence, and regulatory compliance. In this context, a state-of-the-art KYC system is essential to meet and anticipate the specific needs and requirements of the 🇱🇺 Luxembourgish banking industry.

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Decent work and Economic growth 

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We embrace one of the 17 United Nations Goals to Transform the World by Fostering and Promoting development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and by encouraging the formalization and growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, this goal has become core to what we do.