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Technical Due Diligence Service

Unlock your business potential with our comprehensive Tech Due Diligence

We carefully identify strengths and weaknesses in your Software Development Lifecycle, offering actionable insights to optimize your systems and enhance your business’s technological impact. Leveraging TechRivo’s expertise and our successful track record, we help you achieve clear and sustainable growth.

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    Is your Code built for growth?

    Costs of ignoring Tech Due Diligence

    Failing to thoroughly assess your SDLC can lead to severe consequences, impacting your business’s efficiency and competitiveness. Without resolving these issues, your business will suffer from inefficiency and an inability to scale effectively. Addressing these problems is essential to maintain your competitive edge and ensure future growth and sustainability.

    Tech Issues holding you back?

    A comprehensive assessment of your software development is crucial when striving to optimize and enhance your company’s capabilities. Identifying strengths, weaknesses, inefficiencies, and potential risks is essential for sustainable growth and investment readiness.

    Optimize Your Tech Infrastructure

    Receive a 360º unbiased Tech Evaluation to prepare for M&A or your next Investment Round

    Tech Due Diligence services to assess and optimize your tech infrastructure

    How it works

    We provide an unbiased insider look into a company’s operations, with a thorough understanding of its software development processes. Our comprehensive assessment includes a technical evaluation, followed by identification of legal and regulatory compliance, and finally reccomendations for change.

    What We Offer:

    • In-Depth Software Evaluation: We assess product life cycle management, architecture, and infrastructure to ensure best practices and compliance standards are met.
    • Quality Assurance and Compliance: Our comprehensive analysis encompasses all aspects of your operations, from transaction accuracy to development practices. This ensures that your operations meet all regulatory requirements.
    • Actionable Insights: We identify the elements of your business that are performing well and those that require improvement. We then propose a future path to help you achieve your business goals.

    Technical Due Diligence for a sports app

    TechRivo partners with a US 🇺🇸sports community company for the technical assessment of their platform.

    Through the gathering and analysis of data, the team was able to provide recommendations for the improvement and optimization of their product.

    Do you have any questions?

    TechRivo performs tech due diligence to help you identify and mitigate potential risks, detect technology gaps, comprehend growth potential and to enhance the success of incoming investments.

    TechRivo analyzes your project, app, team, department and even company from different perspectives, with the main focus on processes, technical debt, code quality, team roles review and security compliance.

    It depends on the complexity of the project and its specifics. On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

    Tech Due Diligence is a must when you are preparing to invest or merge, and when you are looking for ways to optimize your project. TechRivo can help you achieve these goals.

    TechRivo has assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are well-versed in software product improvement and are ready to apply their expertise while conducting due diligence.

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